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Karibow cancel tour
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So sad that unfortunately we will have to cancel another concert this year; it Breaks your heart! Hopefully Karibow will be back some time in the future. They are welcome any time here in Oundle, as are Sue and Colin!

Karibow We are working with Joe Payne on trying to keep the gig on 14th April in place somehow. All of us here at VicsGigs wish Oliver and all of the band the very best for their tour dates in Germany and Holland and we will welcome you here to Oundle one day for sure.

The statement from Sue Smith reads:

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Dear UK fans, with a heavy heart and reluctantly I need to inform you that following a band decision we have to cancel our UK shows for April 2022 due to the enormous unpredictabilities of the current situation. Various reasons led to a situation between a rock and a hard place we hoped we'd be able to avoid unlike so many other bands.

However, the inauspicious combination of a high infection risk that would result in quarantine time-out right before, during, or directly after the tour, changing political decisions made on a daily basis on all sides like restrictions and entry requirements, personal health risk assessments and the (very understandable) cautiousness of many fans who decided not to order tickets in advance but rather wait how things develop to buy at the door, made "UK 2022" what Pendragon's Nick Barrett just called a "financial Russian Roulette" - as well as a personal one. Additional brexit effects didn't make it any easier.

Even if not all of the above points were equally important to every band member, we made this decision as a band and we made it unanimously. Not only are we a group of musicians, but we're friends - and I very much respect each band member's personal concerns and worries in a situation that currently confronts us with insurmountable obstacles. I deeply apologize to everyone who's been patient enough to once again wait for us to come over, finally meet the band in person and celebrate some great prog 'n' roll parties with KariBow. I also want to say a BIG thank you to those who helped organizing the shows by putting an enormous amount of time and energy into it, first and foremost Sue and Colin. Also, my deep apologies to all those great fellow musicians, artist (and friends!) who were ready to share the stages with us at those eight intended gigs.

This is painful. Period. I won't whitewash the facts. However, I can assure you, this will not be the end of KariBow - especially not in the year of the project's 25th birthday! We will continue to prepare for our 2022 shows in Germany and the Netherlands, and we'll make new plans for the UK as soon as we believe the time is right and we can make sure there won't be any more postponements, so we all can finally visit and play gigs again without uncertainty and uneasy feelings.

I hope most of you will understand, I thank you all for your support throughout the years and I hope you'll keep it up.
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