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Bringing live music to Oundle

Lazuli - Five Frenchmen in Oundle
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VicsGigs are more than a little excited to announce that Lazuli have agreed to play a gig the Queen Victoria Hall on 15th October 2022.

Lazuli Lazuli, a band from the south of France, was formed in 1998. Somewhere between rock, progressive rock and world music, poetry and travel, the remarkable music of Lazuli visit new territories with a rather unusual instrumentation: marimba, French Horn, drums, percussions, guitars, vocals… But also and especially a unique instrument created by Claude Leonetti: the Léode.

For Lazuli’s musicians, songs are canvases on which they mix colours to paint their own world. The floating voice, playing with words, sings out ‘man’ in all of his facets. Lazuli brings atypical notes of originality to France’s musical scene and carries them across its borders… On stage, Lazuli uplifts and bewitches.

Lazuli are:

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